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Sheboygan County ARES/RACES Calendar of Events


June 26  to June 28 --  Field Day 2015 at Sheboygan Broughton Marsh (State) Park in Elkhart Lake.
                                    One/two stations operating D-STAR on KC9SJY repeaters or DVAP along with
                                    casual HF digital modes (no contesting) and possibly monitoring VHF/UHF or other simplex frequencies.

Oct 3/4? -- ARRL SET exercises: a nationwide? event where various county/or statewide agencies conduct exercises for emergency preparedness.

                  NOTE: Sheboygan will not participate due to primarily myself being out of town and unable to conduct one. Also, the continued lack of interest
                  in the local ham community for anything ARES/RACES orientated.